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your ass is very pleasing

OH MAN GUYS! i have a sunburn... it hurts. I have to hang out with you guys soon. because i miss you all. and now that your out of school too we should all do something together or something! SLUMBER PARTY! we can braid eachothers hair, MAKE OVERS! pillow fights! truth or DARE! Prank call, teach eachother how to kiss! omg omg omg im excited!
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OMG! we should!!!!!! =D Im gettin excited! =)
OMG! LETS DO IT!!! l-o-l Im sorry about your sun burn baby
Lmao cassie.. Holy hott... dude we all should go see that movie... Hot Chicks... Lmao...
hot chicks? uhh you mean white chicks or something? lol isnt hot chick that movie with rob shinder