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Ok, this is the toxiK_pleaZures community. It's mainly obssesions, guilty pleasures.. etc, etc.. lol. If you join.. Post some of the following in entries..
-Song Lyrics
-Movie Qoutes

To join.. Answer the following questions..
[1] Name, Age, Where you're from, Gender.
[2] Top 5 Bands or Songs.
[3] Top 5 Actors or Actresses or Movies.
[4] Ultimate Obsession.
[5] How you heard about this community.

And please if you join.. Keep up wiht your postings.. If you go more than 2 weeks without posting.. You will be deleted and will have to re-answer all the questions. Ok?

If you have any questions talk to me (Cassie) at t0xickissx {<-Maintainer} or Steph at __hardcandy__ {<-Co-Maintainer}